Upward Mobile is an up and coming cell phone provider that found themselves in need of a brand upgrade. At the time of approaching Vernard S. Fields they only had a simple basic logo that was used only on their website and letterhead. They were looking to expand their brand and marketing beyond those outlets so he was given the task and freedom to create some amazing visuals.



The first step taken was looking at the current logo and asking the important questions about target audience, colors, symbolism and purpose. After gathering that information Vernard took to sketching out a few concepts in black and white to make sure the logo would stand strong on it’s own structurally without the need of color and other elements.


After going through a few rounds of concepts and revisions color was finally added and the logo went through some 3D modeling for video animations. Patterns and other sub icons were created to help strengthen the brand and was put together on a style guide sheet. This style guide sheet’s purpose is to help Upward Mobile understand how to properly use the brand’s colors, fonts, logos, patterns and video shots on their own. After having the style guide sheet advertisements were created for video, print and web purposes.



It was important to make sure Upward Mobile had the look and feel of their competition. Other popular cell phone companies have distinct brands that make them stand out from others. It was Vernard S. Fields main objective to see the same went for Upward Mobile. To do this he studied the colors and themes of the world’s top leading cell phone providers. He took their strengths and weaknesses and produced a brand identity that catches the eye, tells a story that creates an experience.




During many years of rigorous studies and honing various mediums Vernard S. Fields has earned the title of being The Multimedia Specialist. With his skill sets he’s helped organizations,... Read More






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